Mum & Toddler Yoga

Mum & Toddler Yoga

Tuesdays at 12.30pm at Dockland Settlements Centre, E14 3PS

This class is suitable for mums of older babies are actively moving. Perfect for babies who are shuffling on their bottoms, crawling, standing up or walking. Generally from 8/9 months to 18 months old.

This class will give you the chance to practice yoga with your little one (and as individuals depending on babies age).

The focus is on your own practice as well as demonstrating postures and encouraging them to mimic you and create their own version of the poses.

We are led by the babies, and are aware that they can become distracted or over stimulated. Do bring their favourite toy and books to keep them occupied during the session.

What to Bring

Your toddler, a light snack for them (not too messy if possible), and your normal changing bag. Their favourite toy or book is also a good addition. A blanket or towel for them to lie on would be helpful.

What to Expect

We will have a maximum of 14 mums and babies, with plenty of mats set up in the centre of the room for the little ones to play on. During your practice when baby wants to actively engage they will join you on your mat.

Please be aware that I am not offering childcare while you practice yoga 🙂. You will be expected to keep an eye on your child at all times, to keep them safe during class

How to Book 

Each 4 week block costs £50, payable by PayPal ( or by bank transfer. Please put your name and the month of your classes as your reference.

Please contact me on 07958 240 855 if you have any questions